Meet your Publishers!

Your Publishers, Ken and Jill Miller

Coffee News® of the Bluegrass is owned and published by Ken and Jill Miller, who have lived in Lexington, Kentucky, for nearly 30 years and consider the Bluegrass area one of the most beautiful places in the world.  Ken is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with a PhD in Public Administration, has experience in government, business, and financial consulting, and has worked at Sullivan University for over 12 years in a variety of positions including Professor of Management and Provost of the University. He is a member of both the Academy of Management and the National Restaurant Association.  Jill has an MBA from Washington University, studied both business and commercial art in college, and has experience (including some Addy wins) in graphics, copywriting and editing.  She has been employed by Airgas USA, LLC for 23 years.

Ken and Jill have been Coffee News® fans for years, and they love connecting with Coffee News® readers and helping local small businesses and non-profit organizations gain more exposure in the Bluegrass community with Coffee News® — the little paper with a big heart!  Published 52 weeks a year, this strong yet reasonably-priced advertising tool reaches out and spreads the news to your targeted local audience.

Call today to learn what Coffee News® can do for your company, and lock up your business category!